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Though my offering here is more ceremonial than intellectual, I accepted with alacrity the editors' invitation to submit a brief, welcoming essay for Volume 1, Number 1 of the Columbia Journal of Environmental Law. I write, first, to symbolize our School's deep and abiding commitment to environmental studies, a commitment evidenced by the extraordinary number of Columbia students, faculty and alumni who have contributed and are contributing to the development of environmental law. Professors Grad, Jones, Murphy, and Rosenthal; Russel Train, David Sive and Jerome Kretchmer; and the editors of this Journal, among many others, come quickly to mind. I write too because of my conviction that student-edited law journals deserve special support. When they achieve the level of quality we expect of the Columbia Journal of Environmental Law, they make a significant contribution to the literature of our profession. To say that less pompously, they help us to understand. At the same time they serve as invaluable training grounds, with each generation of highly motivated students helping the next to learn their craft.



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