About the Scholarship Archive

The Columbia Law School Scholarship Archive is a digital warehouse of publications and research produced by faculty, staff, and students of Columbia Law School. Administered by the Columbia Law Library, the archive provides free and permanent access to the intellectual productivity of the law school, while preserving and promoting the open dissemination of knowledge, information, and ideas.

Through the generous permission of the authors and publishers, the Scholarship Archive includes materials such as published articles, reports, papers, documents, podcasts, and lectures. A limited number of working papers are also available for older works that have not yet been published. All items in the archive are globally available for educational use and personal research.

Publications authored by faculty are added to the archive on a regular basis, including content published prior to their employment at Columbia Law School. Research center publications and student scholarship are included upon submission and all other content is added as it becomes available and as copyright permits.

The Scholarship Archive utilizes the Digital Commons platform, licensed by the Berkeley Electronic Press (bepress). All materials included in the archive are automatically incorporated into the bepress Legal Repository. Please direct all questions, comments, and information requests to the Scholarship Archive administrators.