The role of the corporation in society is undergoing profound change. With a seismic shift towards the concentration of corporate ownership in the hands of institutional investors and the private ownership of companies, corporate boards and management are facing unprecedented shareholder and societal demands. This includes the proliferation of shareholder activism and institutional investor calls for sustainable investment strategies.

The mission of the Millstein Center is to positively shape and influence the future of the corporation in this new paradigm. Through engagement with business leaders, corporate boards, investors, the legal community and academics, the Center creates meaningful dialogue, while balancing conflicting points of view, to strengthen corporate governance and performance.


Podcasts from 2023

Podcast: Beyond Unprecedented S3 Ep0: Reintroducing Beyond Unprecedented, Eric L. Talley, Talia B. Gillis, and Sujeet Indap

Podcast: Beyond Unprecedented S3 Ep1: Crypto in Crisis, Eric L. Talley, Talia B. Gillis, and Matt Levine

Podcasts from 2021

Podcast: Beyond Unprecedented S2 Ep0: Reintroducing Beyond Unprecedented, Eric L. Talley, Kate Waldock, and Stacey Vanek Smith

Podcast: Beyond Unprecedented S2 Ep1: You Can’t Hire Me, I Quit!, Eric L. Talley, Kate Waldock, and Kate Andrias

Podcast: Beyond Unprecedented, S2 Ep2: Meme Stock Mania, Eric L. Talley, Kate Waldock, and Joshua Mitts

Podcast: Beyond Unprecedented S2 Ep3: The Rise – and Results – of Shareholder Activism, Eric L. Talley, Kate Waldock, and Anne E. Robinson

Podcast: Beyond Unprecedented S2 Ep4: Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained, Eric L. Talley, Kate Waldock, Talia B. Gillis, and Alejandro Gerrero

Podcasts from 2020

Podcast: Beyond "Unprecedented" S1 Ep0: Introduction, Eric L. Talley

Podcast: Beyond "Unprecedented" S1 Ep1: Essential – and Broke, Eric L. Talley, Katharina Pistor, and Michael J. Graetz

Podcast: Beyond "Unprecedented" S1 Ep2: Can the Fed Rescue Us?, Eric L. Talley, Peter Conti-Brown, and Kathryn Judge

Podcast: Beyond "Unprecedented" S1 Ep3: A New Chapter for Bankruptcy?, Eric L. Talley, Edward R. Morrison, and Kate Waldock

Podcast: Beyond "Unprecedented" S1 Ep4: Helping Small Businesses Survive – and Thrive, Eric L. Talley, Lynnise E. Pantin, and Tim Wu

Podcast: Beyond "Unprecedented" S1 Ep5: A Shareholder-Stakeholder Smackdown, Eric L. Talley, Ira M. Millstein, and Leo E. Strine Jr.

Podcast: Beyond "Unprecedented" S1 Ep6: Pandemic Pressures on Global Trade, Eric L. Talley, Anu Bradford, and Petros C. Mavroidis


Report: Global Investor-Director Survey on Climate Risk Management, Kristin Bresnahan, Jens Frankenreiter, Sophie L'Helias, Brea Hinricks, Nina Hodzic, Julian Nyarko, Sneha Pandya, and Eric L. Talley


Working Paper: Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls: Fiduciary Duties in Venture Capital Backed Startups, Sarath Sanga and Eric L. Talley

Publications from 2019


Article: A Computational Analysis of Constitutional Polarization, David E. Pozen, Eric L. Talley, and Julian Nyarko


Article: Informed Trading and Cybersecurity Breaches, Joshua Mitts and Eric L. Talley


Working Paper: Being True to Trulia: Do Disclosure-Only Settlements in Merger Objection Lawsuits Harm Shareholders?, Eric L. Talley and Giuseppe Dari‐Mattiacci


Working Paper: Board 3.0 – An Introduction, Ronald J. Gilson and Jeffrey N. Gordon

Publications from 2018


Working Paper: The Origins of a Capital Market Union in the United States, Jeffrey N. Gordon and Kathryn Judge

Publications from 2017


Article: Contracting Out of the Fiduciary Duty of Loyalty: An Empirical Analysis of Corporate Opportunity Waivers, Gabriel Rauterberg and Eric L. Talley

Publications from 2016


Working Paper: Appraising the "Merger Price" Appraisal Rule, Albert H. Choi and Eric L. Talley

Publications from 2015


Article: Bank Resolution in the European Banking Union: A Transatlantic Perspective on What It Would Take, Jeffrey N. Gordon and Wolf-Georg Ringe

Publications from 2014


Article: Toward a Constitutional Review of the Poison Pill Essay, Lucian A. Bebchuk and Robert J. Jackson Jr.

Publications from 2013


Article: The Agency Costs of Agency Capitalism: Activist Investors and the Revaluation of Governance Rights, Ronald J. Gilson and Jeffrey N. Gordon