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In December 2017, CCSI sent comments to the World Bank regarding its Draft Guidance Note for Borrowers ESS5: Land Acquisition, Restrictions on Land Use and Involuntary Resettlement.

CCSI’s overarching comments on the Guidance Note were that:

  • Its description of affected persons and their rights contradicts and undermines international consensus on land governance supported by the Bank
  • It fails to provide any guidance on when involuntary resettlement should be considered unavoidable or how Borrowers can prioritize project designs that actually minimize displacement or other harms
  • It fails to put rights-holders (or “affected stakeholders”) at the center of solutions
  • Its discussion of retroactive applicability is wholly unsatisfactory, and risks the Bank condoning actions that completely fail to meet requirements of the Safeguards
  • It could do more to explain how forced evictions will be avoided through the application of ESS5


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