Investments and Human Rights in the Agricultural Sector

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Investment in the agricultural sector is extremely important and urgently needed. Yet many agricultural investments undertaken to date have also had a range of negative human rights impacts on rights-holders around the world. This chapter examines the relationship between investments and human rights in the agricultural sector. Section 1 provides an overview of agricultural investments. Section 2 briefly discusses relevant international legal frameworks and instruments. Section 3 first describes general human rights issues endemic to the agricultural sector, before turning to focus on some of the main human rights implications of common agricultural investment models. In particular, the chapter discusses the human rights concerns associated with large-scale land acquisitions for agricultural investments. Section 4 concludes by considering the roles of key actors involved or implicated in agricultural investments, and how they might take steps to improve the human rights impacts of such investments.


Agriculture Law | Human Rights Law | International Humanitarian Law | International Law | Land Use Law | Law | Securities Law | Transnational Law

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