The National Security Law Program focuses on the roles of domestic and international law in national security matters, from the perspective of both lawyers and policymakers. The contours of the dynamic field of national security law are in constant flux, being shaped and reshaped each year in light of emerging threats, challenges and technologies. In addition to producing cutting edge scholarship (including student work and publications), the National Security Law Program aims to further academic dialog within the field through:

  • Expert Engagement Bringing high-level policymakers and experts to Columbia Law School to speak with both students and faculty members through both public and private events.
  • Innovative Coursework Developing specialized coursework in the field and helping to prepare students for national security law careers in public service or the private sector.
  • Institutional Partnerships The Program enriches academic dialog through partnerships with other centers, programs, universities and think tanks.


Publications from 2020


Report: Strengthening the U.S.-Japan Alliance: Pathways for Bridging Law and Policy, Columbia Law School, 2020, Nobuhisa Ishizuka, Masahiro Kurosaki, and Matthew C. Waxman