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To be "present at the creation," in Dean Acheson's felicitous phrase, is always an honor. In addition, to be present at the commencement of what I expect will be a sustained and fruitful tradition at this law school, namely, the Governor Thompson Lectureship, is a second honor. Finally, let me express my thanks to Dean Bainbridge for a third honor: the compliment implicit in the 2 to 1 odds he has arranged today. Both Norval Morris and Mark Crane are men with distinguished careers in quite different fields of the law. If I am confident of one thing today, it is that I will be able to provide a broad enough target for both of them to demonstrate their very accurate marksmanship.

By time honored tradition, all discussions of the topic on which I am about to embark begin with the same caveat: there are no simple answers; the problem is complex, the trade-offs uncertain.