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Sunday, March 7, 1982

Dear Roger:

You would have enjoyed being among the hundred-odd administrative law teachers and hangers-on who met this past weekend for the AALS Workshop on Administrative Law, organized by Ernest Gellhorn of Virginia, [now dean at Case Western]. Perhaps it was the plane ride home, when I had a chance to read Frank Easterbrook's short but very elegant use of Arrow's Theorem in a recent Harvard Law Review; or perhaps it is just a goodnight's sleep, home away from the sybaritic pleasures of New Orleans, and knowing my dean will want a justification in terms other than crawfish or oysters; this morning, in memory, the workshop has begun to assume some intriguing shapes I'd like to share with you here. "Each generation," Jerome Bruner once wrote, "must define afresh the nature, direction and aims of education to assure such freedom and rationality as can be attained for a future generation"; it was to that task, more than the technique of day-to-day teaching, that the workshop set its course.


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