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Everyone knows that the temperatures have been going up. While tern, peratures bounce around from year to year, when looking at five,year averages, the trend is unmistakable. A well,known adverse effect of these changes is that the Arctic is warming; the extent of Arctic sea ice declin, ing had dipped to a record low in 2015. A decreased level of sea ice has led to the rise of sea levels, which have increased at an accelerated pace. There are a number of projections about what the future pace of sea level rise will be, but most scientists believe it most likely that the measured sea level near 2100 will be at least 1 or 2 meters higher than its current state. Two meters is considerable, when taking into account the many flat areas of the world surrounded by the ocean. Historically, sea levels have risen about eight inches over the last century, already creating notable impacts. These rising sea levels will have impacts that will require legal assessment and response.


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