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At some point after the virus struck, I had the idea that it would be appropriate and interesting to ask a number of experienced family law teachers to write a tribute about a more senior family law scholar whose work inspired them when they were beginning their careers. I mentioned this idea to some other long-term members of the professoriate, and they agreed that this could be a good project.

So I reached out to some colleagues and asked them to participate. Many agreed to join the team. Some suggested other potential contributors, and some of these suggested faculty members also agreed to submit a tribute.

The authors have written about a diverse group of distinguished scholars in the area of family law. We have included 12 scholars who have contributed substantially to the field, and they have also influenced those who have written about them here. The honored scholars and the tribute authors are as follows (organized alphabetically by the honoree):

  1. Homer H. Clark Jr. (1918-2015), by Ann Laquer Estin
  2. Cooper Davis, by Melissa MurrayPeggy
  3. Mary Ann Glendon, by June Carbone
  4. Herma Hill Kay (1934-2017), by Barbara A. Atwood
  5. Robert Levy, by Paul M. Kurtz
  6. Marygold (Margo) Shire Melli (1926-2018), by J. Thomas
  7. Oldham & Bruce M. Smyth
  8. Martha Minow, by Brian H. Bix
  9. Robert Mnookin, by Elizabeth S. Scott
  10. Twila Perry, by R.A. Lenhardt
  11. Dorothy E. Roberts, by Jessica Dixon Weaver
  12. Carol Sanger, by Solangel Maldonado
  13. Barbara Bennett Woodhouse, by Sacha M. Coupet

Each colleague who participated in this project chose the scholar whose work he or she would celebrate. So, the list of those honored here is subjective and, to a certain extent, serendipitous. This Article is part of a Family Law Quarterly issue that also honors other pioneering contributors to the family law field. We hope to make this a continuing project and to have future opportunities to recognize the many scholars who have had a profound impact on their students – and on all of us – in addition to having an important impact on the development of the law. I trust the reader will find these tributes of interest.


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