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I have a slightly different subtitle for our session today, which I hope our panelists may consider in addressing the many challenges before them: Cost-Benefit Analysis and Risk Assessment under Diminished Resources. Allan Morrison introduced the resource problem at the end of yesterday's session. It is an important element of the problems we face.

I think another element of those problems is finding a reasoned way of addressing these issues. The contrast between reasoned decisionmaking and political football was also nicely in evidence yesterday, perhaps especially strongly for those of us who have been responsible for putting together these presentations. In the middle of the summer, all presenters received a five-page document from Neil Eisner and Judy Kaleta, who have so energetically helped to put this wonderful program together. It gave each moderator explicit and thoughtful advice about the variety of subject matters that logically came within our particular assignments. I would call that the technocratic, reasoned, decisionmaking side of the issues. And those of us who were here yesterday experienced what often happens when carefully presented, reasonably thought-through programs encounter politics.


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