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It is in the nature of publishing schedules that this volume of papers presented at a colloquium in April of 1983 was printed in 1984, distributed in 1985, and reviewed in an issue to appear in early 1986. Those who have actively followed the work of the Iran-United States Claims Tribunal are necessarily familiar with a large portion of the contents of this book. Not only were three of the seven chapters previously published elsewhere, but much of the descriptive and some of the analytical material throughout the book has been dealt with in a more timely fashion in the periodical literature, where intervening – indeed sometimes superseding – developments have been discussed. This review, therefore, is directed not at the relatively small group of avid Tribunal-watchers, but at the much larger audience of those who are not yet conversant with the Tribunal's work and who have the most to learn from informed commentary about this unusual institution. What can lawyers, legal scholars, and students learn from papers written in the second year of existence of a body that is now in its fifth year?


Dispute Resolution and Arbitration | International Law | Law


The Iran-United States Claims Tribunal 1981-1983 edited by R.B. Lillich, Charlottesville, Virginia: University of Virginia Press, 1984, pp. 175, $25.00.