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The report aims to provide high-level guidance on the legal issues to be analyzed by the ICJ on the advisory opinion request on climate change. The status report addresses (i) advisory proceedings before the ICJ, including the Court’s jurisdiction and procedure (Section II), and (ii) key legal principles relevant to the request for an advisory opinion, including principles of international environmental law and international human rights law (Section III). The report identified, in a non-exhaustive manner, key relevant principles of international environmental law, key relevant principles of international human rights law, and issues of intergenerational equities that apply to the questions posed to the ICJ. The status report is part of the Youth Climate Justice Handbook, organized by the World’s Youth for Climate Justice and the Pacific Students Fighting Climate Change. The Handbook, which will be launched in early May, consists of three parts: (1) The Summary for Policymakers, (2) The Legal Memorandum, and (3) the Status Report.


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