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Good morning and welcome, everyone, to our panel on Women's Rights: Refraining the Issues for the Future. I am Kathy Rodgers. I'm from the class of 1973 of Columbia Law School, and I'm looking around this room – this is not what room A and B looked like back then! Everybody has a microphone, which is great, because we hope to have some good interactive discussion with all of you this morning.

I am also, in addition to being a Columbia Law alum, the president of NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund here in New York. For over thirty-two years, NOW Legal Defense has used the power of the law to define and defend women's rights. I am particularly pleased to be here today with Columbia Law School alumnae because Columbia women have been a substantial part of our team throughout these thirty-two years as members of our staff, as academic partners, a s student interns (including some young men), as part of our volunteer leadership, as pro bono attorneys, and as supporters. So with all of these connections, it really is a matter of personal pride to be back here celebrating the women of Columbia Law School.


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