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This is to congratulate the editors of the Columbia Journal of Law and Social Problems as they mark the Journal's fortieth anniversary. The Journal's first editor-in-chief, Andrew Krulwich, recalled on the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary that the Journal "began as a germ of an idea to expand the law school journal experience to include more empirical methods and social issues." In 1965, when the first issue was published, there was a growing sense among students and professors that "the traditional sources of legal knowledge," including the established journals and the scholarly expectations that had grown up around them, were no longer adequate to the task of understanding the law, the forces shaping the law, and the impact of law on people. The students of 1965 also hoped that the new publication, entirely student written, might add to the educational program at Columbia, providing "an educational outlet for individualism, creativity, and personal initiative." The aim was to broaden and deepen the study of conventional legal materials, to look outside the library "to determine how the law [was] functioning in practice.




Originally published in 40 Columbia Journal of Law & Social Problems ix, (2006).

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