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Good morning colleagues, friends, and special guests of the Symposium. I have the unenviable task of welcoming you to the UCLA School of Law this morning, a task that under current circumstances carries with it for me quite a few mixed emotions.' I have struggled mightily over how I might convey to you that although my heart is heavy this morning, I am very pleased to see each of you. It is rather like opening the door to welcome close friends into your home which is in a state of utter disarray. Things are strewn all about, you look harried and preoccupied, and you greet your guests stressing about how obvious it is that all is not well in your home. Yet, you know that if there is anyone you can trust to help straighten up the mess and deal with your crisis, it is your dearest, most trusted friends. In this era, on these issues, at this time, your invited guests are those trusted friends, the ones we can hand a bucket and a brush to and know that you will take up the task of helping us straighten out the critical condition of our home. We are so happy to have you here.


Civil Rights and Discrimination | Law | Law and Race