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I am honored to pay tribute to Richard Gardner, who was truly one of Columbia Law School's greatest global citizens. He demonstrated so many of the qualities that make Columbia Law School unique, especially the influence that Columbia Law School has on the world. He was a brilliant statesman, international lawyer, and beloved professor. Over seven decades, he was a mentor to generations of students who are now leaders in law, foreign policy, and international affairs. Upon his retirement in 2012, the Law School hosted a two-day conference in his honor. Entitled "The Challenges We Face," the conference featured panels on pressing issues for the international community, including trade, finance, human rights, and challenges to the transatlantic alliance. Dick was honored by addresses from Zbigniew Brzezinski, the National Security Adviser to President Jimmy Carter, and Paul Volker, former Federal Reserve Chairman. More than 100 notable alumni came to Morningside Heights to salute him.



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