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There were Whiz Kids before McNamara, and never more than during the tenure of the late Thomas E. Dewey as District Attorney of New York County. Only thirty-three years old when he became special prosecutor for the investigation of organized crime in New York and thirty-five when he took office as District Attorney in 1937, Dewey surrounded himself with a remarkably talented group of young lawyers. Frank Hogan, for example, was thirty-five in 1937, Charles Breitel all of twenty-eight. Stanley Howells Fuld, who had graduated from the Columbia Law School one year after the District Attorney, was thirty-four. Nine years later, in April of 1946, Dewey, then Governor, again exhibited his uncanny gifts as a legal talent scout by appointing Stanley Fuld to fill an unexpired term on the Court of Appeals of New York. The following year, Judge Fuld was elected to the first of his14-year terms on the Court; he was re-elected in 1961. He has been Chief Judge of the State of New York and of the Court of Appeals since 1967.


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