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Seventeen years ago, I came to New York and Columbia University to begin a career in the legal academy. Seventeen years ago, I met Kellis Parker. The two moments run together in my mind, quite simply because my life in New York and at Columbia are inseparable from my relationship with Kellis Parker. If I had the time, I'd stand here and testify. I'd testify about the man who was my colleague, my mentor, my model, and my big-brother-in-the-law. I'd testify about the Kellis Parker who was my careful and generous critic. If I had time, I'd testify about Kellis, my neighbor around the corner, at home and at the office. I'd tell you about the Kellis who was my jam session partner, my most entertaining dinner guest (he could always be counted on to come with his slide trombone),my one-man pep rally, my always sympathetic after-hours confidant. I'd tell you about the Kellis Parker who was my teacher and about the Kellis who was, quite simply, my friend.



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