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While investor engagement on environmental and social issues have grown in recent years, they remain limited in Mexico and other emerging markets.

Investors have an opportunity to do more to help address critical SDG-related issues in these contexts through their active ownership efforts. By doing so, they can be more responsible in ensuring respect for human rights, protecting shared systems, and supporting their long-term financial interests. Importantly, they can also ensure they comply with – and support their portfolio companies in complying with – emerging legal frameworks requiring reporting and due diligence on the impacts of their global value chains.

In our new report, Effective Shareholder Engagement to Address the Food Sector’s SDG-Related Impacts in Mexico, CCSI summarizes key opportunities and barriers facing investors who wish to more actively drive positive SDG outcomes in Mexico’s food sector through shareholder engagement.

The report explores the food sector-related SDG challenges in Mexico, the influential companies investors can engage with, relevant benchmarks of those companies, the status of sustainable investing in Mexico, and the extent and nature of investor influence over companies in Mexico. Based on this, the report provides recommendations on how active investors can best exercise their leverage in the particular context of Mexico’s food sector.


Environmental Law | Human Rights Law | Law

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