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Offsets generated by projects for reducing emissions from deforestation and degradation (“REDD”) is a particularly controversial form of carbon offset. Excluded from the Kyoto Protocol mechanisms, REDD offsets are now making a comeback ever since the Bali Action Plan specifically referred to REDD. Most recently, the Copenhagen Accord recognized the crucial role of REDD and the need to enhance removals of GHG emissions by forests and agreed on the need to provide incentives to such actions to enable the mobilization of financial resources from developed countries.4 It would seem therefore that the issuance and trade of REDD offsets may finds its way into the evolving international climate change regime.

The objective of this paper is to evaluate whether the issuance REDD offsets is an effective climate change mitigation measure.5 In other words: Are REDD offsets really green? Based on this evaluation, the paper also aims to provide recommendations on the content of national legislation for REDD offsets.


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