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Forthcoming in Climate Engineering and the Law: Regulation and Liability for Solar Radiation Management and Carbon Dioxide Removal (Michael B. Gerrard & Tracy Hester, eds.), this chapter approaches the complex topic of climate engineering research governance in four Parts.

Part I describes the forms research has taken so far and those that are expected in the future. It also offers short summaries of five instances of climate engineering field research conducted since 2009. Part II considers the key issues and concerns that have prompted calls for governance and that have inspired sometimes heated debate of what it should involve. Part III discusses governance directly, including its goals and functions, as well as issues arising from implementation. This Part also surveys the institutional landscape and classifies bodies with potential jurisdiction into three groups: those that are currently serviceable for the governance of research into particular climate engineering technologies, those that seem capable of adapting to the task, and those that will need to be created anew in order to fill critical gaps. Part IV concludes.


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