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Founded in 2011, the Great Oaks Fellowship Program (GO Fellowship Program) delivers high-dosage tutoring designed to improve academic performance for all students, narrowing the achievement gap between students marginalized by U.S. school systems and their more advantaged peers. It also aims to enrich school communities through mentorship and service that increase a school staff’s capacity to create a positive community.

This report, created by the Center for Public Research and Leadership (CPRL) at Columbia University, documents the program’s history, the development of its current strategy, and early evidence of this strategy’s impact. This work builds on the GO Foundation’s two previous projects with CPRL that supported its continuous improvement efforts. Using interviews, observations, and surveys collected and/or analyzed by CPRL, as well as publicly available data, it documents the GO Foundation’s efforts to strengthen the quality of the GO Fellowship Program through standardization and the strategic use of data.