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Integrity in Brief

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Can civil servants be trained to make better decisions? Can government agencies steeped in bureaucracy become agile, learning organizations that can keep strengthening their integrity structures in a meaningful way? We believe that agencies whose employees are systematically trained to “do right by the other,” i.e., all those with whom and for whom they work, can reach those goals. What’s more, such agencies will end up with fewer integrity breaches, more reporting of problematic behavior by employees, and will be more trusted by their employees and by the citizenry.

A governmental organization that seeks to enhance its integrity needs a systemic approach built on two pillars. First, it must establish a carefully crafted compliance practice. Second, it must develop a moral learning process. Without intending to give short shrift to a robust compliance program, in this short brief I will focus on G&I’s unique approach to moral learning, which while of equal importance to compliance in our view, is very rarely emphasized among integrity professionals.



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