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The Task Force for the Promotion of Public Trust was formed out of a desire by the Mayor and Atlanta City Council to strengthen the City’s ethical environment and analyze the City’s existing resources pertaining to oversight and investigations currently divided among a number of City agencies. The Task Force was also asked to assess the role of the City’s Independent Compliance Office, a new investigative office created by Ordinance earlier this year. The mandate of the Task Force was to juxtapose an analysis of the operational roles of the multiple offices in Atlanta responsible for investigations, ethics, oversight, audit, contracting and transparency; study best practices from other cities; and hold public hearings. Having conducted that extensive research over the course of the past five months, the Task Force has concluded its work. In this Report we finalize our mission by making recommendations that Atlanta set the right tone from the top, in conjunction with the establishment of a more centralized and effective enforcement agency that can hold all City officials and those doing business with the City, accountable.



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