Listen to limited-series podcasts produced by Columbia Law School, accompanied by transcripts where available. Authorities including faculty, alumni, students, and affiliates discuss the most pressing topics of the day – from the post-pandemic economy to how the law can impact climate change.


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Beyond Unprecedented Season 1

In April, seemingly overnight, the U.S. unemployment rate spiked by more than 10 points to 14.7 percent – a level this country hadn’t experienced since the Great Depression. The pandemic shocked the global economy, sparking a crisis... (read more)

Beyond Unprecedented Season 2

From Columbia Law School and the Millstein Center, the popular podcast returns for a second season to examine the pandemic’s lingering economic effects on workers, investors, and corporations. Co-hosts Professor Eric Talley and Research... (read more)

Beyond Unprecedented Season 3

From Columbia Law School and the Millstein Center, the popular podcast returns. Co-hosts Professors Eric Talley and Talia Gillis are joined by experts to explore complex economic phenomena impacting workers, investors,... (read more)

CRT2 Season 1

Columbia Race Talks/Critical Race Theory (CRT2) uses critical race theory as a lens to look at charged issues, contested histories and contemporary debates about law, culture and the politics of race. CRT2 takes listeners from New York... (read more)

Cutting Edge

Hosted by Professor John C. Coffee Jr. with Judge Jed S. Rakoff, this podcast series explores current issues in white collar crime and corporate governance with a focus on those that... (read more)

Defending the Planet

Can lawyers save the planet? Professor Michael B. Gerrard and leading experts go beyond the headlines and political ping-ponging to discuss combating the climate crisis using one of the most important and effective tools... (read more)

Through the Gale

This podcast explores the role of lawyers in the struggle for multiracial democracy. How are lawyers responding to the changes wrought by the racial uprisings of 2020, the pandemic, and January 6th? A group of Columbia Law... (read more)