The LL.M. Essay and Theses Series provides access to the theses and essays completed by LL.M. candidates at Columbia Law School. The LL.M. Essay is a substantial and rigorous piece of legal writing based on research on a topic approved in advance by a faculty member who has agreed to act as Faculty Supervisor.

Each author has agreed to the following release statement: In presenting this LL.M. Essay in partial fulfillment of the requirements for a master’s degree at the Columbia Law School, I agree that the Library shall make it available for library use, reproduction, distribution and display in any regularly employed format, which may include electronic forms. I further agree that extensive photocopying and transcribing of this LL.M. Essay is permissible for scholarly purposes. It is understood, however, that any copying of this essay for commercial purposes or financial gain, or any publication of the essay as such, shall require my written permission.


Essays/Theses from 2021


Lessons and Opportunities for Negotiation Teachers Following the Covid-19 Pandemic, Ana Lenard


Establishing State Responsibility in Mitigating Climate Change under Customary International Law, Vanessa S.W. Tsang

Essays/Theses from 2020


Internet Jurisdiction: Using Content Delivery Networks to Ascertain Intention, Patrick Lin