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Anurima Bhargava (CLS ’02) is an accomplished civil rights lawyer who has served as Chief ofthe Educational Opportunities Section of the Civil Rights Division at the U.S. Department ofJustice and Director of the Education Practice at the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. She is theFounder and Director of Anthem of Us, a strategic advisory and consulting firm that promotesdignity and justice in workplaces, schools, and communities, the Chair of the U.S. Commissionon International Religious Freedom, and produces and advises on documentary films.Throughout her career, Anurima has served on numerous task forces and working groups,including the White House Task Force to Prevent Campus Sexual Assault and the Supportiv eSchool Discipline Initiative. Anurima’s career has been one of influence and impact.

Masked by this impressive biography is a winding and unpredictable career path, charted by acentral but sometimes unacknowledged facet of lawyer-leadership: leadership of self. Likemany successful lawyers, Anurima began her career in law with a federal judicial clerkship. Fivemonths later, she left. In taking that risky and unorthodox step, Anurima realized that beforeshe was prepared for an impactful career leading others and leading change, she first had totake command of her career and steer it in directions that were right by her and her principles,and right for her and the life she wanted to lead.


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