Founded in 2007, the Program in the Law and Economics of Capital Markets was created with the goal of bringing together the disparate work of lawyers and economists in the field of capital markets and their regulation.

Scholars in market microstructure, the study of the economic forces affecting securities market trades, quotes and transaction prices, have traditionally not taken into account the regulatory structures of real-world securities market operations. On the other hand, legal literature has largely focused on describing institutional regulatory structures and has not taken advantage of the work done in the field of market microstructure.

The center's program focuses on producing high-quality scholarly literature on capital markets regulation that is significantly informed by financial economic principles.


Books from 2019

Book: The New Stock Market: Law, Economics, and Policy, Merritt B. Fox, Lawrence R. Glosten, and Gabriel V. Rauterberg

Publications from 2009


Article: In (Partial) Defense of Strict Liability in Contract, Robert E. Scott


Working Paper: On the Origins of Originalism, Jamal Greene

Publications from 2008


Article: Market Damages, Efficient Contracting, and the Economic Waste Fallacy, Alan Schwartz and Robert E. Scott

Publications from 2007


Article: Hoffman v. Red Owl Stores and the Myth of Precontractural Reliance, Robert E. Scott

Publications from 2002


Working Paper: Understanding Enron: "It's About the Gatekeepers, Stupid", John C. Coffee Jr.

Publications from 1999


Article: The Future as History: The Prospects for Global Convergence in Corporate Governance and Its Implications, John C. Coffee Jr.