International Copyright Law: U.S. and E.U. Perspectives: Text and Cases

International Copyright Law: U.S. and E.U. Perspectives: Text and Cases


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International copyright law is a complex and evolving field, of manifest and increasing economic significance. Its intellectual challenges derive from the interlocking relationships of multiple international instruments and national or regional laws and judgments.

This ground-breaking casebook provides a comprehensive and comprehensible account of international copyright and neighbouring rights law, from the cornerstone of the 1886 Berne Convention and the Rome Convention of 1961, through to the 1994 TRIPS Agreement and the 1996 and later WIPO Copyright Treaties. It examines how national laws have implemented the international norms, and explores the issues these sources have left ambiguous or unresolved.

Ginsburg and Treppoz, two of the leading lights in international copyright law, bring their expert commentary and provocative questions to judiciously selected extracts from cases, analytical texts, and the texts of the treaties themselves, to develop a deeply nuanced understanding of this field. The approach centres on comprehending the international law and international treaties and, rather than analyzing the treaties in turn and in abstract, offers a concrete issue-by-issue treatment of the subject.




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Cheltenham, UK


"Professors Ginsburg and Treppoz’s pioneer casebook, International Copyright Law: US and EU Perspectives, is a ground-breaking contribution of this kind. It sets up a framework, hands over a guide map to students and facilitates them with interpretation tools and vivid examples for their international copyright law journey. Elaborately designed questions imply further upgraded research possibilities from all angles and are challenging and inspiring not only to students but to scholars and practitioners.”
Journal of Contemporary European Research

"This book represents a unique synthetic presentation of today's positive law as regards international copyright law and its reception in the two main Western blocks. It is a must for students and teachers. Researchers, in my opinion, need the book since the sum it represents is what we all should know before drafting the first words of any opinion.”
International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition Law

International Copyright Law: U.S. and E.U. Perspectives: Text and Cases

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