Unstable Constitutionalism: Law and Politics in South Asia


Unstable Constitutionalism: Law and Politics in South Asia


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Although the field of constitutional law has become increasingly comparative in recent years, its geographic focus has remained limited. South Asia, despite being the site of the world's largest democracy and a vibrant if turbulent constitutionalism, is one of the important neglected regions within the field. This book remedies this lack of attention by providing a detailed examination of constitutional law and practice in five South Asian countries: India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Bangladesh. Identifying a common theme of volatile change, it develops the concept of “unstable constitutionalism,” studying the sources of instability alongside reactions and responses to it. By highlighting unique theoretical and practical questions in an underrepresented region, Unstable Constitutionalism constitutes an important step toward truly global constitutional scholarship.


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Cambridge University Press


New York, NY


"In the final analysis, Unstable Constitutionalism marks an important contribution to the burgeoning constitutional discourse on consequential courts, and the invaluable role they can and must play even in authoritarian regimes. For this reason alone, this volume should be on the must-read list of every comparative constitutional law scholar in the twenty-first century.”
Po Jen Yap, International Journal of Constitutional Law


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Unstable Constitutionalism: Law and Politics in South Asia

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