Advanced Introduction to Landmark Criminal Cases

Advanced Introduction to Landmark Criminal Cases


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This engaging and accessible book focuses on high-profile criminal trials and examines the strategy of the lawyers, the reasons for conviction or acquittal, as well as the social importance of these famous cases.

Key features include:

  • An in-depth examination of cases that are described only superficially in the media
  • Comparative analysis of headline crimes and the evolving issues of crime, punishment and justice
  • Detailed exploration of 11 landmark criminal cases including the trials of Amanda Knox, Mike Tyson and O.J. Simpson.

The Advanced Introduction to Landmark Criminal Cases will be a key resource for students and scholars of criminal law and justice. It will also make an interesting read for lawyers and those interested in the famous trials of the last century.


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Edward Elgar Publishing


Northampton, MA


“George Fletcher, America's leading criminal law scholar, also happens to be a gifted storyteller, known for his gripping first-person account of the Bernhard Goetz trial. In his new book, he offers compelling narratives of eleven famous trials – from the trial of Jesus to that of O.J. Simpson – and uses each to bring to life a fundamental problem of criminal justice. Eye-opening and thought-provoking, it is both a great teaching resource and an entertaining read!”
Guyora Binder, University at Buffalo, School of Law, US

“‘Landmark trials have deeply influenced societal understandings of law throughout the ages. George Fletcher invites us to reflect on these great transformations – beginning with the convictions of Jesus Christ by Pontius Pilate and moving onward to the recent decision by American courts to acquit Salim Hamdan of terrorism in the Afghan War. The publication of his book couldn’t be more timely as all of us reflect on the larger implications of Derek Chauvin’s murder conviction.”
Bruce Ackerman, Yale University, US

“Penned by perhaps the world’s leading comparative criminal law scholar, Advanced Introduction to Landmark Criminal Cases is a rich and fascinating account of the leading criminal trials from around the world and from ancient history to the present day. The book would be perfect as a supplement to a first-year Criminal Law class, challenging enough to serve as the principal text for an upper-level advanced law school class, engaging enough for an undergrad class about the law, yet sufficiently suffused with clear explanation for the general reader. It is yet another wonderful book from the criminal law master.”
Russell Christopher, University of Tulsa, US

Advanced Introduction to Landmark Criminal Cases

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