The Morality of Freedom


The Morality of Freedom



Ranging over central issues of morals and politics and the nature of freedom and authority, this study examines the role of value-neutrality, rights, equality, and the prevention of harm in the liberal tradition, and relates them to fundamental moral questions such as the relation of values to social forms, the comparability of values, and the significance of personal commitments.



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Oxford University Press


New York, NY


Winner of the 1987 W.J.M. Mackenzie Prize of the Political Studies Association and Winner of the 1988 Elaine and David Spitz Book Award from the Conference for the Study of Political Thought for the best English-language work on liberal or democratic theory.

"As significant a new statement of liberal principles as anything since Mill's On Liberty."
Times Literary Supplement

"It is not possible here to do justice to the richness of Raz's discussion. ... Anyone who reads The Morality of Freedom with care will profit. It is the deeply original and rigorous product of a gifted philosopher working at the height of his powers."
Loren Lomasky, But Is It Liberalism?

"Raz's arguments are a valuable guide to the complexities of contemporary social and political life....[An] admirable account of liberalism."
The New Republic

"Stimulating, challenging, and insightful throughout. His basic theses are intriguing and important. His argumentation illuminates and ties together a wide range of issues in moral and political theory."
The Philosophical Review

"Whether you tackle the whole or merely some of its parts, you will be in the company of one of the most acute, inventive, energetic, and unpredictable minds currently at work in analytic moral and political theory....The most ambitious and effective philosophical defense of political liberalism since Rawls, if not Mill."
Canadian Philosophical Review


Also available as an eBook through the Columbia University Libraries.


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The Morality of Freedom

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