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The COVID-19 crisis has ended and upended lives around the globe. In addition to killing over 160,000 people, more than 35,000 in the United States alone, its secondary effects have been as devastating. These secondary effects pose fundamental challenges to the rules that govern our social, political, and economic lives. These rules are the domain of lawyers. Law in the Time of COVID-19 is the product of a joint effort by members of the faculty of Columbia Law School and several law professors from other schools.

This volume offers guidance for thinking about some the most pressing legal issues the pandemic has raised, especially (though not exclusively) for law in the United States: from the rights of prison inmates who live under conditions that make them exceptionally vulnerable to the highly contagious virus to the options for contracting parties who now face circumstances that make it impossible for them to live up to their past commitments. The book does not give legal advice. Instead, it identifies critical legal issues that affect many peoples’ lives, offers fresh perspectives for thinking about those issues, and provides guidance to legislatures and policy makers about the legal challenges ahead.


Bankruptcy Law | Business Organizations Law | Civil Rights and Discrimination | Commercial Law | Contracts | Criminal Law | Criminal Procedure | Disability Law | Disaster Law | Dispute Resolution and Arbitration | Education Law | Election Law | Environmental Law | Family Law | Health Law and Policy | Housing Law | Human Rights Law | Immigration Law | Juvenile Law | Labor and Employment Law | Law | Law and Economics | Law and Society | Privacy Law | Public Law and Legal Theory | Sexuality and the Law | Social Welfare Law


Columbia Law School


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Center on Global Legal Transformation

Law in the Time of COVID-19

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