The WTO and International Trade Law/Dispute Settlement


The WTO and International Trade Law/Dispute Settlement


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The system of dispute resolution within the WTO and its evolution over time have attracted the attention of numerous scholars. This volume brings together a selection of papers by prominent scholars working in a range of disciplines.

The collection is divided into six parts. The first addresses broad questions about the scope and function of the dispute resolution system. Part II considers the relationship between the dispute system and national authorities, while part III focuses more narrowly on the remedies for breach of legal obligations in the WTO system. Part IV examines litigation and settlement questions. Part V considers the pre-WTO environment and the role of unilateralism in the enforcement of commitments under GATT. The final section looks at broader systemic issues.

This insightful volume will be an essential source of reference for students and practitioners alike.


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Edward Elgar Publishing


Northampton, MA


“…a very useful guide in the study of the WTO dispute settlement system for novices and the cognoscenti alike.”
Sungjoon Cho,

“An effective WTO, promoting trade liberalization and policing the system, has to be at the heart of a well-functioning multilateral trading system – which is, in turn, vital for global economic growth and the reduction of poverty. This volume brings together an important collection of papers which address issues of central concern for [continuing] global economic prosperity.”
Anne O. Krueger, International Monetary Fund, US

The WTO and International Trade Law/Dispute Settlement

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