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There is no doubt that more needs to be done, both nationally and internationally, to protect the environment. It is tempting, particularly during the Trump era, to welcome any concerted effort to do so. The issue is whether the proposed “Global Pact” is the right vehicle for enhancing environmental protection.

The Global Pact was launched this past June in Paris, with support from, among others, President Macron of France and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. At least in its preliminary state, the Pact reflects broad, cross-cutting principles in legally binding form. France intends to seek support at the upcoming UN General Assembly for proceeding with the development of the Pact.

The proposed Pact raises numerous issues of both a legal and policy nature that should be addressed in deciding whether to embark on the negotiation of such an instrument. The questions below are intended to provoke at least part of the necessary discussion.


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