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This paper examines the viability of a “Cash for Appliances” (“CfA”) program that targets home appliances toward the goal of increasing energy efficiency and decreasing greenhouse gas (“GHG”) emissions. Analyzing an existing CfA effort at the federal level, this paper argues that the case for a federal CfA program is strong, but that the current federal effort falls short of fulfilling its potential. The analysis proceeds in four parts. Part I makes the case for a Cash for Appliances program as a policy tool for promoting energy efficiency. Part II examines existing programs that have done just this – utilized the Cash for Clunkers model to stimulate consumer upgrades to more energy efficient appliances – including a program by the federal government. Part III examines the federal program more closely and identifies a number of defects in the current design. Part IV lays out suggestions for restructuring the federal program in future years to make it more efficient and effective.


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