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Let me preface my remarks by informing you that I am not a lawyer. That means that there are things I don't get and things that I'll say that you may not grasp immediately, because there are certain assumptions we don't share. To illustrate that, let me just tell you, I don't even get lawyer jokes.

For example, when I saw the movie So Goes A Nation, and Sam Sue says, "Law schools teach basic skills," I didn't realize that was a joke until you all laughed at it. So there are many subtleties of this sort that escape me. And absent experience and some deeper form of spontaneous communion, and in blatant disregard for the most elementary lessons of community organizing, instead of connecting my own non-existent experience to the film, I'm just going to modestly propose a strategy for the reform of legal services – in connection with these community-based initiatives. What else could I do in total ignorance?


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This article was initially published in Volume 25 of the Fordham Urban Law Journal and is republished with permission.