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In this issue the Columbia Law Review joins in the celebration the 75th anniversary of the admission of women to the Columbia Law School. I am grateful to the editors of the Review for inviting me to contribute, and for the open-endedness of the invitation (or, in other words, what follows is my fault, not theirs). This has been an opportunity for me to do some research, some recalling and some reflection (and to tell a few stories). My research is incomplete, one might say sketchy, but I trust reliable as far as it goes. My recollections may well not match those of others who were on the scene at Columbia in the times of which I write, but that is in the nature of recollection. My reflections in some instances have surprised me; we shall have to see what you make of them. (And I hope you enjoy the stories.)


Law | Law and Gender | Legal History


This article originally appeared in 102 Colum. L. Rev. 1451 (2002). Reprinted by permission.