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Good morning everybody, and thanks for coming. I’m June Besek, the Executive Director of the Kernochan Center for Law, Media and the Arts, and we are especially grateful to those of you who planned to come in November, and when that was postponed still came today. We really feel very grateful to you. This symposium is on copyright exceptions for libraries and section 108 reform, and we are doing this in cooperation with the U.S. Copyright Office. I thank Maria, Chris and Karen for all the work that they put into this as well. I want to thank our sponsors – the Harry J. Rudick Fund, the Horace Manges Lecture and Conference Fund and the Columbia Journal of Law & the Arts. I want to thank Pippa Loengard for all the work she did putting this together, and Cindy Tangorra – the program coordinator for the Kernochan Center – who has done a terrific job, and also Char and Megan who do our events coordination and who have done a wonderful job in trying to reschedule at the last minute. We’re very appreciative of that.

Our first session is the legal landscape. We have five speakers, and we will leave plenty of time at the end for audience questions. I’m going to introduce the first three speakers. Our first speaker is Maria Pallante, the U.S. Register of Copyrights, and she’s been the Register since June of 2011. Prior to that, she served as Associate Register and Deputy General Counsel, and for several years, she was legal counsel to the Guggenheim Museums.

Then our second speaker is Shira Perlmutter, who’s the Chief Policy Officer and Director for International Affairs at the USPTO. Prior to that, she was the Executive Vice President for Global Legal Policy at the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), and she’s also served at the U.S. Copyright Office and at WIPO.

Our third speaker will be Professor Jane Ginsburg, who is the Morton L. Janklow Professor of Literary and Artistic Property Law here at Columbia. She is the author of several books and numerous articles on copyright law. So with that, I’m going to turn it over to Maria.


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