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I was of three minds
Like a tree
In which there are three blackbirds.

The emergence of external disciplines within legal scholarship seems to have fractured its intellectual focus. Technical and specialized academic writing, moreover, appears to be drifting ever farther from the theaters of legal action. Judge Richard Posner's latest book of essays, Frontiers of Legal Theory, challenges such perceptions: Even as it celebrates the breadth of interdisciplinary legal scholarship, it seeks coherence among myriad methodologies. Even as it delights in the abstract constructs of social science, it emphasizes their practical impact. And as one might expect of Judge Posner's work, it pursues these apparent cross-purposes with assuredness and flair.


Law | Public Law and Legal Theory


Frontiers of Legal Theory by Richard A. Posner, Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2001, pp. vi, 453, $35.00.