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Columbia Law School’s postwar class of 1948, perhaps more than any other, has brought remarkable distinction to both the school and the law. Marvin Frankel, Jack Greenberg, Jack Kernochan, Arthur Murphy, and Jack Weinberg have all both taught here and acted with enormous distinction an d success in the outside world of law – a grouping not so often to be found in the legal academy these days. Arthur Murphy, whom we celebrate here, moved between these worlds with ease: first as an associate at Columbia in 1949; then years in private practice and with the Department of Justice; then, from 1956-1958, back to Columbia as associate director of its then-active Legislative Drafting Research Fund (LDRF); back to private practice; and finally, in 1963, made a law professor here. Arthur, the last among us to be forced into emeritus status, was a treasure to his students and to his colleagues. His dedication to family and school, gentility, intelligence, and rapier-sharp sense of humor were extraordinary. His generosity is the quality I will stress here. Again and again he was my benefactor, without ever seeming to notice or call attention to that.


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