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This chapter of Building on Best Practices: Transforming Legal Education in a Changing World has contributions from many authors:

  • Section A, Professional Identity Formation, includes:
    • Teaching Knowledge, Skills, and Values of Professional Identity Formation, by Larry O. Natt Gantt, II & Benjamin V. Madison III,
    • Integrating Professionalism into Doctrinally-Focused Courses, by Paula Schaefer,
    • Learning Professional Responsibility, by Clark D. Cunningham, and
    • Teaching Leadership, by Deborah L. Rhode.
  • Section B, Pro Bono as a Professional Value, is by Cynthia F. Adcock, Eden E. Harrington, Elizabeth Kane, Susan Schechter, David S. Udell & Eliza Vorenberg.
  • Section C, The Relational Skills of the Law, includes:
    • Teaching Relational Skills: The Evidence, by Susan Daicoff, and
    • Cultivating Students' Relational Skills, by Susan L. Brooks.
  • Section D, Teamwork, is by Linda Morton & Janet Weinstein.
  • Section E, Intercultural Effectiveness, is by Mary A. Lynch with Robin Boyle, Rhonda Magee & Antoinette Sedillo López.
  • Section F, Social Justice Across the Curriculum, is by Susan Bryant.
  • Section G, Problem-Solving and Conflict Resolution, includes:
    • Teaching Students to Be Healers: The Comprehensive Law Movement, by Susan Daicoff,
    • Teaching Alternative Dispute Resolution, by Andrea Kupfer Schneider, and
    • Integrating Alternative Dispute Resolution and Problem-Solving Across the Curriculum, by Jill Gross & John Lande
  • Section H, Interprofessional Education, is by Lisa Radtke Bliss, Sylvia B. Caley, Patty Roberts, Emily F. Suski & Robert Pettignano.
  • Section I, Technology in the Profession, is by Conrad Johnson.
  • Section J, Business and Financial Literacy, is by Dwight Drake.

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