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Back in the 1990s, Internet communications policy was easier. It was easy to agree that the network's growth ought not be impended by excessive government regulation. It was easy to hope that the Internet would solve all of its own problems. Yet it turned out that the success of the network was hiding strong differences of opinion. Today, the euphoria is gone, and the divide in Internet communications policy has become clear and unmistakable. It most clearly a divide between two distinct groups: the self-proclaimed "Openists" and "Deregulationists."

This divide will do much to inform the reform of the Telecommunications Act in general, and Broadband policy in particular. Accordingly, this Article is meant as a user's guide to the broadband policy debate: a guide to what separates us, and what might make reconciliation possible. It is optimistic that policy reconciliation is possible, though aware that saying so doesn't make it likely.


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