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KATHERINE PISTOR: Let me just first express my thanks to the American Bar Association for asking me to be the rapporteur for this conference. I've always felt honored for having been asked. I have to say I feel now even more humbled by the collective wisdom and experience and know-how that has been assembled here and has been expressed over the past two days. So I am in no position right now to pull it all together and give you the strategy of how to move forward. In fact, I do plan to come back to many of you and ask you specific questions so that we can find more specific examples to develop our strategy. But let me try to pull together, at least, some of the recurring themes that I have heard. And I will put some of these themes, also, in the web dialogue. If I missed some that you find more important, I do encourage you to respond and use this web dialogue as a way to communicate various ideas.


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