CRT2 S1 Ep8: The Backlash to CRT in France


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In November 2021, Josephine Baker became the latest recipient of one of France’s highest honors — induction into the Pantheon. This honor is reserved for those who have made an indelible impact on French culture and history. Baker became the first black woman to be inducted, but the honor was also notable for the fact that she was born American. In a speech at the event, French President Emmanuel Macron praised Baker’s commitment to universalism.

What was the symbolic significance of Baker’s induction into the Pantheon and Macron’s subsequent remarks, and what does it mean that France chose to honor an American-born woman with one of their highest honors? In this episode, we talk to Professor Maboula Soumahoro to uncover some of these answers.

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Released: October 3, 2022

Length: 29:05


Photo of Maboula Soumahoro

Maboula Soumahoro is an Associate Professor at the University of Tours and president of the Black History Month Association, dedicated to celebrating Black history and cultures. A specialist in the field of Africana Studies, she has conducted research and taught in several universities and prisons in the United States and France and was most recently the inaugural Villa Albertine Resident in Atlanta. Maboula Soumahoro is the 2022-2023 Mellon Arts Project International Visiting Professor at the African-American and Africana Studies Department of Columbia University as well as Visiting Faculty at Bennington College.


Written, edited and produced by Marie-Alice Legrand, Annah Akhoun-Murat and Joe Sullivan.


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CRT2 S1 Ep8: The Backlash to CRT in France