Experimental Law and Economics


Experimental Law and Economics


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During the last two decades, researchers in the field of experimental law and economics have made significant contributions to our knowledge of human behaviour and its interaction with legal and regulatory environments. This collection of previously published papers examines the use of laboratory experiments to test and develop these theories about how people behave, including their responses to legal rules. An important resource for judges, policymakers and scholars alike, the articles presented are drawn from diverse disciplines such as economics, law and psychology. The editors’ comprehensive introduction provides expert analysis and insightful discussion of new directions in the field. Also included is an extended bibliography of additional articles to further aid readers’ study.


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Edward Elgar Publishing


Cheltenham, UK


“Experimental analysis under controlled conditions provides a unique perspective on how people respond to legal rules and institutions. The Arlen–Talley volume is a superb collection of the seminal articles, assembled in a coherent way to help the reader understand and assess the potential of this body of research.”
Wallace E. Oates, University of Maryland, US

“The authors are distinguished contributors to the area of law and economics, a field that has grown tremendously in the previous few decades. This is a fine and most welcome collection that focuses on the nexus of important positive and normative issues within this field. Both theorists and empiricists in this field as well as practitioners will find this a must read.”
John A. List, University of Chicago, US

Experimental Law and Economics

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