Commons and Anticommons


Commons and Anticommons


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This two-volume collection brings together the most important articles on the tragedies of the commons and anticommons. The first volume presents the bedrock articles that define commons and anticommons theory, from Aristotle to the present. The second volume continues with cutting edge property theory and applications. A judicious selection of articles shows how commons and anticommons metaphors inform current debates at the innovation frontier, ranging from patent thickets to broadcast spectrum licensing.


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Edward Elgar Publishing


Cheltenham, UK


“Michael Heller’s Commons and Anticommons could not be more timely. Scholars from a wide variety of disciplines have long been familiar with the problems of the commons, but far less so with respect to the anticommons. No one has done more illuminating work on this surprisingly ubiquitous predicament than Heller. In this book he has very usefully assembled all of the most significant writings on both problems and presented them in a format that covers both the theoretical and applied dimensions of commons and anticommons. This is a singularly valuable book for both scholars and policy analysts.”
Gregory S. Alexander, Cornell University Law School

“The commons, the anticommons, and the semicommons have come to figure prominently in modern property law and theory, making this excellent collection of the most significant literature especially welcome.”
James E. Krier, University of Michigan Law School

Commons and Anticommons

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